There is no denying that this year has been epic.

We have achieved some amazing milestones, broken down several barriers (and then found some more…), met some amazing people, developed more ideas and dreams and learnt a heck of a lot. Safe to say that next year is going to be busy!


Research, more research, programmes, assessments, conferences, corporate work, and then there was the re-brand….


The re-brand was incredibly exciting! But it was also stressful. And it was difficult. Fortunately for us, we had the amazing support, guidance and occasional kick from the incredible team of people we have around us. The hard work was all so so so worth it! The re-brand opened the doors to our community and broke down the barriers of public perception around our service. It has allowed us a platform to further develop and promote our philosophy on health and wellbeing to our community.


As well as all of the awesome things we have been involved in, we have learnt a heck of a lot. So here are a few (or 10) of the things we have learnt this year:


We are whanau, regardless of where we have come from.

“This place is home. It is a whanau”. 

This was a quote said flippantly by one of our (highly esteemed) clients. We are beyond thrilled that this is the feeling among our clients and it is one that we do not take for granted. We are a whanau. Not one linked by blood but rather by the support and copious quantities of laughter endured every single day. We will be forever indebted to our clients for making our place of work feel like home.


People are mighty complex!

But if we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place wouldn’t it! This is not really a new finding. But more one that has really been solidified this year by the vast array of people we have had walk through our doors. We are all so different in every possible way. Therefore why should we be treating people the same way with our approach to health?

Take blood pressure treatment as an example;

Their blood pressure issues are likely stress related.

Whereas his are because of his diet.

She doesn’t exercise. Ever.

And his has been high since he had that neck injury 10 years ago.

Different causes call for different treatments. We are so fortunate to work with a team of professionals with their own areas of expertise, but who all believe in a collective approach to health. The client is at the centre of our focus and we work as a team to help in the areas that we can. That means you can be passed around our practitioners at the Centre and others in our Community until we find a plan that benefits you.


Our services and philosophy are unique

We are often asked to speak at conferences with fellow medical professionals, sporting bodies and out in our community. The Centre provides health services with a focus on “whole of self” rather than simply focusing on an illness or symptom and treating singularly that.

We have learnt (and never seise to be amazed) that our approach to health and philosophy of care is incredibly unique in our current health care system.

We are constantly encouraging our fellow medical professionals at every opportunity to look at their patient as a whole (including the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects). One day hopefully in the not too distant future, our approach to health will be utilised in the mainstream health care system. Until then, we will continue shouting from the rooftops and sharing our philosophy with all who will listen!


The meaning of Good Health is different for everyone

Somewhere along the line, we have developed this idea that health is merely what the numbers say, what the results return and is measured only by a medical professional.

Health is a construct that we develop for ourselves. We ultimately have control over our own health.

To be able to do the things we want to do, to achieve our goals and to have a positive outlook on life all require a great deal of effort. But as with anything in life, if we want it bad enough, we will do what ever it takes to get it. A negative outlook and excuses will never make way for positive change.

Good health to me is to be able to do what ever I want to do, whenever I want to do it.

So what does good health mean to you?


Physical change can only be made when the mindset changes

Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those New Years resolutions you made over the years? Did they ever actually make it past the first day or week?

A really important lesson one of our current research projects has taught us, is that we can impart as much motivation, encouragement and knowledge onto our participants to start making positive changes in their lifestyle, but if their mindset is not ready to change, those words fall on deaf ears.

Information and knowledge are vital aspects of making long-term worthy changes. But there is no point doing something if you do not understand why you are doing it, or cannot see the benefit of it. Hence why, when trying to make any long-term change, first you must be READY to start.

And so much more

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Christie’s “home baking” is top notch

The bank statement is all Excelso and Vetro

We have the best security guard on Third Ave (Hank)

Finally, we have THE BEST clients, research participants and work colleagues in Tauranga (and Te Kaha).



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