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12-Week Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Programme

The 12-Week Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Programme is a combination of individualised exercise (with the option for it to be supervised in our exercise clinic) with specific nutrition advice and a focus on stress management.

This programme is tailored to you and your lifestyle goals and can therefore include any of our other services or input from any of our other practitioners. We design this programme with you, for you.

This programme is for those who:

  • Would like to prevent any health concerns such as genetic heart issues from arising,
  •  Would like support during a transition in their life such as menopause, grief or change of work circumstance (ie retirement),
  • Would like to improve their overall health and wellbeing but need to be accountable to something or someone else.

The cost of our 12-week Lifestyle Change Programme varies based on what can be included for you. Call us or contact us HERE for a chat.

The first step in undertaking a 12-week Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Programme is to complete a Health Assessment

12-Week Monitored and Supervised Programme for all Health Conditions

Getting back into exercise (or just beginning an exercise programme) can be daunting and potentially dangerous if not done correctly following a health diagnosis, medical treatment or injury.

Our Clinical Exercise Physiologists conduct monitored and supervised exercise sessions where individuals are prescribed their own exercise programme (based on their health assessment and the current evidence-based-guidelines) up to 5 days per week in either in a drop in clinic or through personal one-on-one training sessions.

Our Clinical Exercise Physiologists ensure that exercise is both safe and effective by having a thorough understanding and knowledge of your diagnosis, prognosis, medication, and goals.

During your health assessment, a plan will be developed with you, and can be completed with additional support from our other services or input from other practitioners.

Cost varies depending on the level of supervision and support required. Call us or contact us HERE to discuss your programme.


All Monitored and Supervised Exercise Programmes begin with a Health Assessment.

Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

As your cardiologist will tell you, your heart is the most important organ in the body. It also works the hardest!

Therefore when something happens to disrupt the daily efficient working of the heart, it can both knock your confidence and stop you from operating at your best.

Our Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme helps to rehabilitate not only your heart but your whole body and mind back to performing at your best (or better!) and living the best quality of life you can. This programme incorporates:

  • Monitored and supervised exercise in our exercise clinic up to 5day’s per week,
  • Education and individualised tools for your own health journey,
  • Individualised nutrition recommendations,
  • Breathing and stress management strategies,
  • Access to any other service provided here at The Centre for Health.


Exercise IS Medicine. 

And only has positive side effects when prescribed correctly. Therefore give your heart, body and mind the best chance to recover under the expert guidance of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists.

Cost of the programme starts at $45/week.

All Monitored and Supervised Exercise Programmes begin with a Health Assessment. It is also highly recommended that this assessment is repeated at 3months following the start of any programme.

8 Week Parkinson's Programme

Exercise is well known to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. 

When administered at the right intensity, in the right amount and at the right time, those will early stage’s of Parkinson’s disease can benefit hugely from undertaking individually prescribed exercise.

Our 8-week Parkinson’s Programme is run in a small group setting with a focus on fun, safety and highly efficient exercise. Over the course of 8-weeks, you will not only improve your fitness and strength, you will see an improvement in your symptoms and quality of life. You will also have a better understanding of the condition and what you can do for yourself to maintain your independence and take ownership of your body and health.

The 8-week programme includes 2x group sessions per week and 2x 30minute one-on-one sessions with one of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists.

You can undertake the 8-week Parkinson’s Programme as often as you like, or whenever you feel you need a kick-start.


All individuals with moderate to late stage Parkinson’s disease start with one-on-one training prior to beginning any group sessions to ensure safety and confidence with training. 


Cost for the 8-week programme is $410.

All participants start with a Health Assessment prior to their first 8-week programme.

Home-Based Exercise Programme

Our home-based programme is designed with you, to fit in with your lifestyle and home environment. The programme is usually 12-weeks in duration and can include weekly or fortnightly follow-up by one of our team or your own health coach, either in person or via skype, phone or email.

You can have access and support from any of our services and practitioners as and when needed. 

This programme is ideal for:

  • Those who lead busy lifestyle’s but want to acheive their health and/or fitness goals.
  • Those who need to be accountable to someone else, ie have someone encourage, motivate and ensure they are progressing efficiently towards their goals. 
  • Those who need a little guidance to ensure they are progressing efficiently and safely.


Completion of a Health Assessment prior to starting a home-based programme is highly recommended. 


Anxiety and depression management programme

This is a personalised programme that includes a mix of exercise, psychological and mood tools and nutrition to support mental wellness.

We will co-design a plan for a 6, 8 or 12-weeks that best meets your current needs. You will be supported by our health coach with weekly follow-up and support and at the end of your programme we will develop an action plan with you so that you can continue to progress along the wellness pathway.

You will need to complete a Health Assessment prior to enrolment in the programme.

FastTrack nutrition

The FastTrack nutrition programme is more than just a nutrition programme. It has been specifically designed to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes (although the programme can be followed by anyone).


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