2018 is here and if you’re feeling a bit like us, you’ll agree that the holiday season went rather quickly! Our families gathered for good food and a few laughs on Christmas, before we blinked and found ourselves heading into a fresh new year with the promises of resolutions that this year we’d definitely keep.




That’s the thing with new year resolutions – they’re there to motivate us to be better, healthier and happier in our day to day lives, yet it’s easy for us to get caught up in the huge pressure to do things differently that we can fail before we’ve even begun.


Does this sound a little bit like you? If so, keep reading!


We’re already a few weeks into January, and the side remarks of “well, there’s always next year”, doesn’t need to be our reality. Setting realistic goals for the days, weeks and months ahead is made much more achievable when these goals are broken down in smaller, more manageable steps. Below we’ve compiled some of our top tips for making this happen to ensure that you continue heading into this year with a bang!



Get clear about what you want and why you want it. You’re a worthy investment, so 5-20 minutes of your day used writing down and exploring your goals is time well spent and you might just be surprised with what comes up. We’re more likely to succeed if we know what is the driving force behind our steps forward. Just think, if you name it, then you can definitely claim it.



As an example, if you want to have a fitter, stronger and ultimately more healthier body this year then it’s time to simplify the task, rather than be overwhelmed by the enormity of the statement. Break your big goal down into 3 or 4 smaller steps for the next 12 months. Maybe that’s 30 minutes of exercise three days a week, committing to a daily meditation or mindfulness practice (apps Insight Timer or Calm are great for keeping you on track here), joining that new fitness class/social sports team, experimenting with a few healthier recipes each week. Small steps inspire great action as you’ll soon see!



Lastly, take your dreams and goals and make them BIG. Get visual by cutting up pictures/photos from old magazines or printing them off the internet to make a powerful vision board that you can place somewhere you’ll see it every day. Make an evening of it by having a few friends over to bounce ideas off one another – the support of a community is a great thing.  By having a daily reminder of what’s soon to be coming your way, you strengthen your belief and motivation for it!


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