The Cardiac Clinic.


With Nan Mckenzie running the exercise component of the Cardiac Rehabilitation programme at Tauranga Hospital and Dr Anna Rolleston’s qualifications as well as family history of heart disease, two passionate women came together to establish The Cardiac Clinic in 2010.  The focus of The Cardiac Clinic was to help people understand, manage and prevent heart disease. The clinic also fostered an ideal space for the continuation of Dr Rolleston’s research endeavours.


Over the past 7 years, The Cardiac Clinic has evolved, moved and grown to incorporate a multi-disciplinary team of passionate individuals across a range of expertise. The original focus of the Clinic on heart disease prevention and management has developed to include all chronic health conditions (including diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, arthritis, pain disorders and mental health conditions among others). However the core objection of the clinic is one and the same: be the fence at the top of the cliff, not the ambulance waiting at the bottom.


The prevention and management of chronic health conditions requires a complex integration of multiple aspects of health and well-being. No condition, disease nor injury can be cured or treated effectively if the underlying cause is not addressed. Because of this, The Cardiac Clinic adopted a whole-of-person approach to treatment. This essentially means that the clinic not only addresses the physical aspects of health (exercise, nutrition, medication, blood pressure etc) but also the mental, emotional, social and meaningful constructs that develop our behaviours, our habits and our perception of health and wellbeing.


Mid 2017, The Cardiac Clinic re-branded to become The Centre for Health. A new name and a new logo to reflect the core philosophy of the Centre and to increase the public perception and awareness of the breadth of services available. Health services, athlete testing and research all under the one umbrella.


Research remains an integral part of The Centre for Health. Increasing the pool of medical and scientific knowledge is a vital aspect to the development of effective tools in our quest to reduce the burden of chronic health within our community. Dr Rolleston and her research team remain at the forefront of developing, implementing and challenging the status quo of current medical approaches to health management and disease prevention.


The provision of services by highly qualified individuals and the use of the latest evidence-based-practice and medical knowledge combines with the supportive, caring and positive environment within the Centre to promote health and wellness at every age and stage of life.


Welcome to The Centre For Health.

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The Centre For Health