We are very excited to announce the launch of our own lifestyle nutrition programme FastTrack!

Nutrition is complicated. There are 101 plus about a million more opinions about what good nutrition is and how we should all be eating. And the truth is, is all of those opinions are correct and all of them are wrong. Correct nutrition is hugely subjective. Depending on your circumstance, your health, your preferences (or those of your children or close whanau), everyone’s nutrition is different and it should be! We are so fortunate to live in a society where food is on the most part, easy to access and in abundant supply. However, we are also well too aware that this same fortune has lead to the highest prevalence of chronic illness we have ever seen.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates.


Nutrition can and should be utilised to aid in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Food is to be enjoyed. And by way of virtue and a huge helping hand from Mother Nature, food can also provide the nutrients, energy and the power to prevent, heal and manage a range of chronic health conditions. We are researchers. When we are not conducting research ourselves, we spend hours upon hours sifting through research from around the world to help us provide the best care and most effective treatment to our clients. We are also well aware that with this evidence-based-approach to care, a large pinch of salt (no pun intended!) is added for the individual differences in the people we care for.

FastTrack is a programme developed from the increasing demand for a simple, easy to follow plan that deciphers the magnitude of often conflicting opinion of the vast array of nutrition advice on easy access through the internet.  We have scoured the research to develop our FastTrack principals. We have spent many hours in the kitchen cooking and we have conjured piles and piles of recipes to help anyone and everyone, regardless of their age and stage in life, start on their own journey to Live Long and Live Well.

Welcome to FastTrack Nutrition.

FastTrack Nutrition is a lifestyle programme. There is more to living long and living well than nutrition alone. However, the FastTrack programme is designed to not only take the guess work out of choosing good nutrition, but to also guide you toward living a richer and more fullfiling lifestyle. FastTrack aims to help you live long but most importantly, live well.

FastTrack is a structured plant-based nutrition lifestyle with a range of weekly options to suit you and your family. You can choose:

  • Core Programme [pre-order from 16 October for first delivery 2 November]
    • Menu plan, recipes and grocery list
  • Core, plus food delivery (choose between groceries or meals)  [available from February 2018]*
    • Menu plan, recipes and grocery list
    • Groceries or meals delivered to your door

*For the food delivery option you can also choose between having all of your food for the week, just lunch meals or just dinner meals. The choice is yours. We can also provide single serve, 2 servings, and a family sized pack.

By signing up to FastTrack, you will also receive the FastTrack Live long, Live well diary and optional follow-ups with a nutrition/health coach to help ensure you are getting the most out of your FastTrack programme.

Why did we decide that FastTrack was needed?

To find clarity in the confusing nutrition world

The nutrition information that is available to all of us is so confusing. One minute we are told to eat eggs, and the next, don’t eat eggs. Paleo diets suggest meat is ok and grains are not while other recommendations say meat isn’t great and we should eat more grains. How are we supposed to know what is right and what isn’t? From the work that we do at The Centre for Health we have been told by our clients that the meaning of ‘good health’ is not so much about how well their body works but more about making sure that they, and their family, are happy and thriving. So, we wanted to create a nutrition plan which was healthy for your body but had proven association with happiness as well. We found the Bluezone communities (people who live the longest in the world and are the happiest) and incorporated their nutrition philosophy into FastTrack. See the FastTrack website [link] to learn more about these Bluezone communities.

To support people who want to slash their risk of heart disease and diabetes

Often chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes are seen as problems that once you have them you are stuck with them. Many of our clients have said to us “surely there is a way to use nutrition to reverse these conditions”. And the answer is yes, absolutely. There is a lot of evidence that shows that what we eat has a dramatic impact on heart disease and diabetes. So, we spent time researching the latest science and incorporated that information into FastTrack.


What is the FastTrack programme?

The Basics
  • Plant Based – 90% of food comes from plants
  • Daily dose of beans or lentils – protein for growth and repair
  • Fish and seafood – up to three servings per week
  • Sourdough bread only – two slices per day
  • Fermented foods – sauerkraut, kimchi, apple cider vinegar etc once per day
  • Grains – unprocessed grains are allowed such as quinoa, buckwheat and black rice
  • Water – six to eight glasses per day
The Limits
  • Red meat – on special occasions only
  • Eggs – limit to three per week
  • Dairy – avoid all dairy. Goats milk products are ok
  • Sugar – no added sugar
  • Processed food – eat real food. Limit intake of processed products
  • Rice – limit white and brown rice.


ALCOHOL – FastTrack allows one 125ml glass of wine or one standard beer per day. You cannot ‘save’ your alcohol servings and consume your weekly allocation in one sitting


To reduce your risk or reverse heart disease and diabetes we recommend following the FastTrack programme for 12-weeks and then deciding how much of the plant-based philosophy you will incorporate into your nutrition lifestyle going forward. Utilise the advice from your nutrition and health coach (included in the programme) to help you develop a nutrition plan that works with you and for you. You can also book in for a cardiac or diabetes check at The Centre for Health to assess your progress in measureable outcomes.


Take a look at the FastTrack website here and sign up on this link to be one of the first to hear when FastTrack Nutrition is launched on the 16th of October.

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