We have been running several classes at the Centre for a while now. However it has been on a “be in it to know about it” sort of an arrangement! We are incredibly fortunate to have the wonderful Jenagh stay with us post study and now be able to officially offer several different options of classes each and every week. 

Training in a small group environment can provide the motivation and social support to develop, persevere and achieve your goals. Be accountable to not only yourself but also to everyone else you share these classes with. The small group sizes ensures safety for all, no cheating, and correct technique, posture and number of repetitions are completed throughout the session. It also means that your group become friends/ motivators/ know when you are not there! 

See the timetable, and read about the classes and the costs below. Get in touch if you would like to know more or to pop along to a complimentary “taster” before signing up to any classes on a regular basis. If you have already been into the Centre for an assessment or health check, please feel free to sign up to any of these classes through the Book Now button. Alternatively book in for an assessment or health check to begin your journey with us. 



Movement for Life (MFL) 

A series of group sessions throughout the week that target all aspects of movement. These classes are aimed at anyone and everyone of all abilities, ages and stages of life. We know that exercise is good for your health (mental, emotional AND physical) but exercise needs to be life-long to benefit our overall health throughout life. The only way for that to happen is if we are enjoying what we are doing! The Movement for Life programme will put you in a supportive group environment to foster, encourage and educate you on incorporating behaviours and skills that will develop movement for your whole life. Personal health coaching is also available and you will be surrounded by a team of professionals in all areas of health prevention, management and rehabilitation.


While we recommend selecting one of each of the MFL classes per week to gain the most benefit from the MLF programme, you are welcome to mix and match with our other classes on offer. Start a 6-week, 12-week or year long programme to engrain a life-long love for movement.


Monday mobility involves sequenced bodyweight movements that utilise breathing and technique to improve flexibility, strength, control and endurance. A full body workout that emphasises alignment, breathing, development of a strong core, and improvement of coordination and balance.


Wednesday Workout is a circuit style training session that incorporates a range of strengthening exercises, interval training, and functional bodyweight exercises; with a focus on safe and effective technique for each individual.


Friday Fun. Whether you have rhythm or not, movement should be fun. What better way to allow the body to truly move than allowing music to flow through you to the core and carry you on its beat. A surprisingly tough but highly enjoyable workout, this class encourages movement with strengthening poses. It is time to throw away your stiff self and allow your mind and body to open up and let loose!


Men’s Mobility

Men and women move differently. Therefore this class was developed utilising traditional Pilates methods and techniques, with a male participant focus. Don’t worry guys, we will not be expecting you to do the splits or fold your feet behind your head. Yet.



A high intensity 45min workout. Boxing is combined with circuit training, metabolic conditioning and many laughs to strengthen every single muscle in your body! No prior boxing experience is required. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome.


Wise Women’s Wellnes 

The key word in this title is WISE. Wise women are encouraged to join this class – or maybe this class makes you wiser? Either way, wise women (of age and mental acuity) are encouraged to join this 45minute class that encompasses a little of this and a little of that (boxing, strength, laughter).



Morning and Lunch Circuit

A high intensity circuit training session that is designed to get the most out of your morning or lunch hour! Improve mobility, strength, fitness and smile lines (or are those grimaces?) while working together in a supportive, safe and motivating environment.


Cost (cost including clinic access*):
Casual session = $20
1 class per week = $16 ($25)
2 classes per week = $28 ($37)
3+ classes per week = $36 ($45)
Health Coaching^ = $25/week for 6weeks minimum.


* Clinic access allows you to utilise the clinic space between the hours of 6am and 12pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Complete exercise in a supervised and supportive environment. Monitoring is available if required.


^ Health coaching can be added to any programme. This includes fortnightly face to face catch up (or skype/phone if easier) and weekly follow up to ensure you are achieving and staying accountable to your goals. Your health coach will help to develop a plan and model of care that supports and guides you on your journey to improved health.




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